The Voice Inside My Head

When I’m cooking dinner, folding laundry, cleaning litter boxes, peeling potatoes, or sitting in traffic I talk to myself, not out loud mind you, but in the shelter of my head.  The voice inside my head is different from my speaking voice.   It is quiet and confident.  It never stumbles over its words.  It’s gentle … Read moreThe Voice Inside My Head

Your Curveball is Touching my Curveball!

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What do you do when your curveball intersects with someone else’s? Is it fate? Destiny? Or are we just two confused curveballs trying to find their way through our own scared indecisiveness? We can pretend that there are choices and decisions that need to be made, but really, all that needs to happen is to … Read moreYour Curveball is Touching my Curveball!