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img_2713I am a native New Yorker, raised in the Chicago suburbs, currently living in Tampa, Florida.  Chicago will always be my heart home, but my body enjoys the Florida warmth.   The greatest role that has ever been bestowed upon me has been that of “Aunt” and “Godmother”.  The kids, as I lovingly refer to them, have taught me what it means to truly love, and they make me want to be a better a person, most importantly, a sober one.  I never had any kids of my own, so these now young adults made sure to give me all the love a mother could have ever wanted.   They own the biggest piece of my heart, and because of them, I don’t feel like I missed a thing.  I have a dog named Bailey, who is my constant companion.  She is more than my dog, she’s my soul mate.  She brightens my everyday and keeps me from ever feeling lonely.  She’s fiesty and high energy, like her mother!

My story is one of perseverance, fierce determination, faith and strength.  I lost 140 pounds through diet and exercise.  I hit my goal weight on September 11, 2011, and have kept it off since then.  I am a recovered alcoholic, sober since August 6, 2002, through God’s Grace and the help of some fellow travelers who trudge this road of Happy Destiny.  Hello Travelers!  Although I couldn’t walk but 10 minutes when I started, I am a now a runner, having run a half marathon, and completed a sprint triathlon. I was diagnosed with epilepsy and RIS (Radiologically Isolated Syndrome – the brain of someone with multiple sclerosis) in 2014, which was really just God’s way of proving I have a very electric brain that is constantly firing.  Told you nay-sayers!  But I will keep taking the medicine, as directed.

This is my calling, my passion.  There is nothing else I would rather be doing, or I should be doing.  This is it.  Thank you for allowing me to do my work in the world.  It’s an honor and privilege.

My Qualifications as a Coach

What makes a great coach?  She fits you!  You read her profile, her work, what she’s done and you say to yourself “Yep, she’s feels right!” But as I have stressed in several articles I have written, accreditation is key.  Make sure you know that your coach is trained and accredited, so that they bring their best to you.  You deserve it! Here is the summary of my qualifications:

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the ICF – International Coach Federation, in process of obtaining PCC
  •  Master Certified Life Coach – February, 2015 – Coach for Life
  • Trained with the prestigious Coach For Life, one of only five organizations in the world to earn two ACTP designations, the International Coach Federation (ICF) highest designation
  • BA degrees in both Psychology & Social Work
  • ABA Certified Paralegal with 26 years experience including extensive supervisory, training, coaching and trial work
  • Extensive Graduate Work in Exercise Physiology

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