Marybeth Glenn – Please Don’t Leave the GOP!

Marybeth Glenn – Please Don’t Leave the GOP!

I am a Democrat, born into a Republican family.  I was taught to honor and respect.    This political season has been unlike anything we have ever seen.  The hostility is palpable, and the idea of New World Order is no longer just an idea.

On October 10, 2016, Marybeth Glenn, a Wisconsin conservative Republican blogger, fired off a series of 17 tweets directed at the white, male Republican party for their failure to take a stand and defend the women of the party who have had their backs for years, often to their own detriment.    She was pissed!

Her tirade was dubbed the “Tweet-storm heard ‘Round the Republican Party”.   It drew the attention of such notables as Sen. Lindsey Graham, J.K. Rowling, and not notable, but my Democratic, Irish ass was there with her until tweet number 13.   Tweets 1 through 12, had Marybeth calling them cowards for their abhorrent behavior, as she pointed out the obvious.  But Tweet 13, she begins to subtly turn the tables.  Tweet 13 states “you won’t even notice my lack of presence at the rallies…”.  Then Tweet 14, she deals the fatal blow, “But one by one you’ll watch more women like me go…”.  Marybeth, for the love of all that’s holy, don’t go!

Wait, what? A democrat begging a republican to come back to her party?  With every ounce of my being I am.  Our current 2-party, democratic system, while far from perfect, is not fatally flawed, it is the people in that system that are broken.  The majority of people in both parties are professionally beyond redemption.   Capitol Hill would look a whole helluva lot better with someone like Marybeth Glenn sitting on the GOP side.

We need people, particularly women, who understand that the issues facing the world are human issues.  We need people with the actual character that Ms. Glenn spoke of in her tweets, to fight against the Lobbyists, and the big money, to make significant changes.  Women, this means you.  We are talking to you.  There are only 104 women in the Congress, and only 28 of them are Republican.  Republican women are grossly underrepresented.

Herein lies the problem.  Marybeth may be sitting there like the rest of us women, thinking that we are not qualified, not smart enough, have the right ideas, or look the right way.  That is the bullshit we have been spoon-fed by others our whole lives.  It  must stop now.  We don’t care how old you are, how much you weigh, or what you do for a living.   Let your beliefs, ideas, character and actions speak for themselves.  Bring all that you got to Capitol Hill and let’s fix this thing.  The next time your Senate or Representative seat comes up, run! Marybeth, and all you Marybeth’s out there, please for God sake, run.  Screw starting small at the State or community level, because:

  1. there is no time; and
  2. why?

Ted Cruz didn’t.

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