Life happens… have no regrets.

Life happens… have no regrets.

Life happens. It throws the unexplainable our way each day. When life is throwing those heart-wrenching decisions, that broken heart or just plain old bad juju, give me the fastest highway out this hellhole! I am well aware that at some point, I am going to need to let this unexplainable moment go in order to move on, but as my friend Jan so eloquently puts it, “I’m not on that right now!”.

What can you do when life throws the unexplainable at you?   Handle it with as much dignity as possible, and make sure each action is without regret. That was a true game changer for me. When I stopped all the screaming, hollering and in your face BS that I used to do and started conducting myself as the spiritual woman I am trying to become my life got better, infinitely better. When someone or something gets my Irish up, I stop, breathe, knowing that I do not want to regret or owe an amend today. Today, I want to walk through and process the unexplainable, learn what is meant to be learned and let it go. I can only do that if I acted with dignity and without regret.  Letting go will also be much more difficult, if I handled the situation in a less than stellar manner.   I am definitely not on that right now!

What do you do when faced with heart-wrenching decisions? How do you walk with dignity and no regret? What can I do to help someone else as she walks a rough road?

Soul Prayer: Today may I walk with dignity and no regret and be available to anyone who needs my help if their road is long.

In Soul Connection,

Fee & Becky



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