Holy Hell Batman… Infinite Hope You Say?

Holy Hell Batman… Infinite Hope You Say?

We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope  – Dr. Martin Luther King

Now that’s a piece of wisdom.  This lesson is coming hard and fast here lately at 21/58 Connect.  I was living in a bit of a Pollyanna Disappointment Free Zone (the PDFZ)  for quite some time.  I am here to tell you, it was really nice there.  Here  — not so much, but “here” is providing some really valuable lessons that the PDFZ did not.

Life happens. Disappointments and doable darkness.  Got that.  Navigated that, and then, WHAM!!!!   A series of shitty life events happen in succession that make you think, oh holy hell —who called for this, is it ever going to stop, what is the solution, there is no solution, it’s so dark, what am I going to do?  Take a breath.  It’s OK.  We know where you are.  We are here too.

You want to know one of the fastest ways we get back infinite hope?  We ask, call or text someone and say — “What can I do for you today”?  That simple question will restore us to hope faster than money, a job, booze, food, a new man, new shoes or sunglasses.  (well, maybe not the sunglasses :)).  Often, the person does not need anything, but the interaction brings a lot of peace and hope to both of us, even if it’s for a short period of time.

Soul Prayer:  What can I do for YOU today?

In Soul Connection,

Fee & Becky

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