Marybeth Glenn – Please Don’t Leave the GOP!

I am a Democrat, born into a Republican family.  I was taught to honor and respect.    This political season has been unlike anything we have ever seen.  The hostility is palpable, and the idea of New World Order is no longer just an idea. On October 10, 2016, Marybeth Glenn, a Wisconsin conservative Republican blogger, … Read moreMarybeth Glenn – Please Don’t Leave the GOP!

Life happens… have no regrets.

Life happens. It throws the unexplainable our way each day. When life is throwing those heart-wrenching decisions, that broken heart or just plain old bad juju, give me the fastest highway out this hellhole! I am well aware that at some point, I am going to need to let this unexplainable moment go in order … Read moreLife happens… have no regrets.

I Stand Alone Without Beliefs…

“And so you see I have come to doubt All that I once held as true I stand alone without beliefs
…” ~”Kathy’s Song” Simon & Garfunkel   Seems appropriate that a song that bears my nickname would hit me square between the eyes. I was recently asked to listen to this song with my heart, … Read moreI Stand Alone Without Beliefs…

Holy Hell Batman… Infinite Hope You Say?

We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope  – Dr. Martin Luther King Now that’s a piece of wisdom.  This lesson is coming hard and fast here lately at 21/58 Connect.  I was living in a bit of a Pollyanna Disappointment Free Zone (the PDFZ)  for quite some time.  I am here … Read moreHoly Hell Batman… Infinite Hope You Say?